Sample Vending Stand Supervisor Cover Letter

A vending stand supervisor cover letter is the best way for a prospective employee to display his or her expertise in the area of coordinating the activities of persons engaged in vending-stand operations of state programs for the rehabilitation of the blind. Be sure to let the hiring manager know of any experience you've had in this field. All vending stand supervisor cover letters should include a reference to the applicants' training, experience, and interest in the work.

Eileen Swanson
303 Tenth Street
Any Place, USA 33333

May 28, 2006

Ms. Mary Vick,
Hiring Manager
Brookfair Rehabilitation Center
for the Blind
462 Northwood Road
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Vick:

According to a posting I read on JobBankUSA.com, you're currently in the market for a vending stand supervisor, one who coordinates the activities of people engaged in vending-stand operations of state-sponsored programs for the blind.

I have worked with the blind for ten years in various capacities and fell well qualified to accept this position, if you choose to offer it to me. I am skilled in supervisory tasks and I have a heart for the blind since both my father and my sister lost their sight in an accident while I was a teenager. At that point I decided to make my profession one that help the blind.

If you'd like to meet me in person to discuss this position, please call me at 222-222-2222 anytime of the day to arrange an appointment.

I hope we can meet soon. I appreciate your attention to my cover letter and resume and look forward to speaking with you.


Eileen Swanson

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