Sample Utility Operator Cover Letter

A clear and interesting utility operator cover letter will help you land an interview for the job you want, operating sewing machines that join parts of garments. All utility operator cover letters should include knowledge of the field and the tasks it involves.

Margo Winthrop
951 First Street
Ames, Texas 30000

July 25, 2007

Mr. Jim Wilson,
Hiring Manager
Southern Garments, Inc.
57 Center Street
Ames, TX 30001

Dear Mr. Wilson:

I learned of your need for a utility operator on JobBankUSA.com. With this cover letter I am applying for this job and hope you will consider me among the other utility operators you interview.

I've been sewing garment parts for nearly ten years and am quite proficient in this work and would very much like to go to work for Southern Garments now that I live in Ames.

I'm well acquainted with the work and would welcome speaking with you in person if you have time to meet for a brief interview some afternoon next week.

I'll be happy to come to your office. Please call me at 786-909-9098 to set up a time. Thank you for considering me for the job and for reading my materials.


Margo Winthrop

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