Sample Tugboat Captain Cover Letter

This tugboat captain cover letter shows the hiring manager that the applicant is well qualified to take on the responsibility of directing a crew of four to do the work of pushing and pulling large water vessels through a channel using a tugboat attached to the vessel by means of a heavy rope. Such work is demanding and the hours are long. If you are pursuing such a position, let the prospective employer know that you are fully aware of what it involves. Tugboat captain cover letters with this kind of specific information included will help any job seeker land an interview.

Benjamin Winter
45 17th Street
Farmland, USA 89890

June 5, 2006

Mr. Warren Hanson
Hiring Manager
Hanson Tugboat Services
62 North Avenue
Any Place, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Hanson:

My experience as a tugboat captain goes back five years when I began this work with a tugboat company in Florida. Today I am writing this cover letter to apply for a similar position with Hanson Tugboat Services. When I saw your post on JobBankUSA.com I decided to apply for the job. You may plan to interview several tugboat captains before making your final selection. But I hope you will meet with me in person before doing so, as I look forward to talking with you about my previous employment and my record. I get the job done and I have a knack for building good morale with the tugboat crews I've led.

Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a get-together that works for your busy schedule if you'd like to pursue this further. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading my cover letter and giving it your consideration.


Benjamin Winter

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