Sample Training & Labor Relations Managers Cover Letter

There are some times when your job is more important to the employer than others, as the writer of this TRAINING AND LABOR RELATIONS MANAGER cover letter explains. By linking the low unemployment rate to the importance of training and retaining the employees at the company now, he not only shows that he thinks in the bigger picture but that his efforts will be directed at the right goals. Then when he explains how heís already accomplished this in a previous job, this Training and Labor Relations Manager cover letter serves as the ultimate deal closer.

Steven Kurt
6643 Temper Rd.
Muskogee, OK 33221

October 8th, 2004

Early Rizer
Laborious Enterprises, Ltd.
5543 Quagamire Rd.
Solvang, CA 88833

Mr. Rizer


In todayís job market, running at 4.7 percent unemployment, hiring new people to fill the higher level jobs you have isnít always a possibility so an effective training and labor relations manager is more important to have on staff than ever. If interviewed, I looked forward to explaining to you how I would bring my experience in this area to your organization and the kinds of programs I have successfully implemented to create highly qualified employees from within.

I entered the field of training and labor relations out of a conviction that employees greatest resources are within the organization, often working at jobs far below their capacity. As a result of this conviction, I have looked for ways to identify, educate, motivate and promote the most talented employees as quickly as they are capable of moving forward in their career.

I find this to be about the most satisfying job on the planet. Not only am I helping individuals to earn more money and to function at a level that is more in line with their natural gifts, but I help the companies I work for achieve their business goals as well.

Iíve done research on your organization and already have some ideas for successful programs I have administrated which look like they might be good fits for your company. I look forward to telling you about these programs and more ways in which I can help your company develop its workforce to the highest level possible. Please call me at the mobile phone number listed above to get a conversation started.


Steven Kurt