Sample Training & Development Manager Cover Letter

This training and development manager cover letter shows the personnel manager that the job applicant is up to the task of creating and overseeing the training and development department of this well-known sales training firm. Training and development manager cover letters with this kind of specific information will help a sincere and qualified job seeker land an interview.

Corinne Olson
8976 Seventh Street
Anyville, USA 89890

June 5, 2006

Mr. Harold Preston,
Hiring Manager
Foster and Foster Sales Training, Inc.
62 Fisher Avenue
Anyville, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Preston:

I have worked in corporate sales for the past three years for World Wide Travel. I have experience conducting sales trainings and overseeing trainers who spend time in the field coaching and working with new travel agents and travel agency owners.

I believe my experience now qualifies me for the job of training and development manager for your company as posted on JobBankUSA.com. I promise to bring expertise, empathy, quality skills, and compassionate teaching to your clientele.

Today I'm writing this cover letter to apply for this position with your company. I would welcome becoming part of the staff of your well-respected firm.

Would you be willing to meet me in person so I can show you what I can do and to learn what you have in mind for the training and development managers you want to work with? I'm available at your convenience any weekday except Thursday. Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a get-together that works for your schedule.


Corinne Olson

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