Sample Traffic Technician Cover Letter

The job seeker in this traffic technician cover letter states his experience right from the start. This assures the hiring manager of his confidence in pursuing the job. He is someone who will assume the duties that include overseeing the performance of a variety of activities designed to enhance highway safety and user efficiency through the collection and analysis of related data and the application of principles specific to traffic control, signing, signaling and marking patterns. All traffic technician cover letters should offer this type of detailed information.

Milton Brown
567 Northside Drive
Any City, USA 99999

May15, 2006

Mr. Porter Kenyon
Hiring Manager
Any Town Traffic Control Department
213 Barton Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Kenyon:

I am applying with this cover letter, for the job of traffic technician with your department, as you described the position on JobBankUSA.com.

I have worked in traffic control for the city of Mission Hills and I have had ten-plus years in management. I know there are high standards to meet for the traffic technicians you hire. I hope I can meet them and be selected for the job.

May we get together in person some afternoon next week to discuss the duties and to talk about what you envision for the traffic technicians you plan to hire?

Please call me at 234-567-9898 to schedule a meeting that fits your agenda. Thank you for considering my cover letter and application. I hope to meet you in person very soon.


Milton Brown

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