Sample Telemarketer 1 Cover Letter

This telemarketer cover letter focuses on the applicant's experience and ability to assess by phone the existing or prospective customer's needs, and to motivate that person to purchase a product or service. This individual should have good communication skills, a friendly voice tone and a willingness to maintain a positive position regardless of the outcome. Telemarketer cover letters will help job seekers land the positions they are trained and equipped for if they include specific information about their knowledge of the job and their experience.

Shelly Olson
345 Riverview Road
City Road, USA 23417

May 3, 2006

Mr. Richard Victor
Personnel Manager
Haynes and Haynes Telemarketers
978 Simpson Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Victor:

I saw the posting on JobBankUSA.com for employment as a telemarketer for your company. I'd like to apply for that job with this cover letter today. I have experience selling by phone and am known for my upbeat and friendly tone as well as my persuasive style when helping existing or potential customers with their purchases.

I know the importance of good telemarketing skills to the smooth and efficient running of any sales business. If you hire me you will be able to count on me to carry out the duties you prescribe.

I'd be happy to meet with you in person if you'd like to discuss this position with me and let me know your expectations for the telemarketers you hire. Please call 333-345-6787 for an appointment that works for your schedule. I look forward to meeting you and hope to do soon.


Shelly Olson

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