Sample Telecommunications Line Repairer Cover Letter

A telecommunications line repairer cover letter focuses on the applicant's ability to repair, replace, and maintain telephone and other telecommunication lines. Such work requires specialized knowledge of fiber optics and telecommunications switches and routers. All telecommunications line repairer cover letters should reflect the individual's experience and expertise.

Roland Bridge
456 Star Lane
Centerville, USA 34576

October 15, 2006

Mr. Edwin Peabody,
Hiring Manager
Sunset Telecommunications, Inc.
43 Sunset Drive
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Peabody:

I am writing this cover letter to apply for the position of telecommunications line repairer listed on JobBankUSA.com. I have training and specialized knowledge of fiber optics and telecommunications switches and routers, which qualify me for this highly technical work. I can begin immediately and I am so available to train apprentice telecommunications line repairers, if needed.

I realize you have your choice of individuals to hire, but I hope you will give me the opportunity to meet with you so I can assure you of my ability and experience and talk over what you expect from the people you work with.

May I stop by your office some morning next week to meet you in person? Please call me at 456-777-8989 to set up a time to get together. Thanks so much for taking a moment to consider my resume and to read this cover letter.


Roland Bridge

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