Sample Teacher - Middle Grade School Cover Letter

The job seeker in this middle grade school teacher cover letter states his experience right from the start. This assures the superintendent that he is familiar with the job and its criteria. He is someone who will assume the duties and be at home with students in grades six through eight. All middle grade school teacher cover letters should offer this type of detailed information.

Mark Benson
101 Northside Drive
Any City, USA 99999

March 15, 2006

Dr. Joseph Bench,
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Dehesa School District
213 Watershed Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Dr. Bench:

I've always wanted to be a middle grade school teacher. Students in sixth to eighth grades are interesting to know, generally inquisitive, and easy to influence for good. I also like to get involved with the athletic events. I have talent in various sports and I find it a way to reach kids' hearts as well as minds.

I can be ready to join the other middle grade school teachers when school starts August 25. I have experience in a year-round as well as traditional school, and I have a current state teaching credential.

I'm writing this cover letter today to ask if I might come in for an interview so you can learn more about my experience and also see for yourself that I am well qualified for the seventh grade classroom. My specialties are history and social studies.

Your secretary can reach me at 234-567-9898 to schedule a meeting that fits your agenda. Thank you for considering my cover letter and application.


Mark Benson

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