Sample Straw-Hat Brusher Cover Letter

A straw-hat brusher cover letter is a straight shot to a job in the hat industry, if well written and concise. Mention your experience, if applicable, and be sure to ask for an interview. All straw-hat brusher cover letters should include this information in order to garner an interview and a job.

Eileen Holt
98 Vista Road
Anyville, Nebraska 56734

June 24, 2007

Mr. Donald Grady,
Hiring Manager
American Straw Hats, Inc.
908 Belvedere Street
Anyplace, Nebraska 56734

Dear Mr. Grady:

I am interested in the part-time job you listed on JobBankUSA.com for a straw-hat brusher. I can start work right away and can assure you that I am dependable and good-natured. I would enjoy working with other straw-hat brushers and I do well with quotas and deadlines so I believe you would be happy with me as an employee.

May I come in for a brief interview some morning next week? Please give me a call at 897-879-9999 and let me know the time that works for you, and I'll confirm. Thank you very much for considering me for this job.


Eileen Holt

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