Sample Storage Manager Cover Letter

A storage manager cover letter is the perfect vehicle for catching the interest of a prospective employee-especially one who is in need of a man or woman who can oversee a company specializing in storage units or someone to manage the storage department of a large corporation. If you have managerial experience of any kind be sure to mention in your letter. All storage manager cover letters are most effective when the applicants specify their abilities in detail.

Sam Jameson
56 York Street
White Pines, USA 68979

November 23, 2006

Mr. Mark Fieger,
Hiring Manager
Ace Storage, Inc.
65 Moreland Street
Any City, USA 34563

Dear Mr. Fieger:

Your listing on JobBankUSA.com for an efficient and experienced storage manager is one that attracted me. I have experience as an assistant hardware store manager and I'm now looking to move up into full-time management. I promise to deliver excellent service, take my job seriously, and take care of clients' storage units as if they were my own.

I can think on my feet, perform several tasks at once, and everyone who knows me considers me a capable and dependable person.

I am writing this cover letter today to apply for this job and to ask if you'd be willing to meet me for an in-person discussion of what you'd like from storage managers.

If so, please call me at 897-673-5645 and I'll be happy to come to your office at your convenience.


Sam Jameson

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