Sample Shoemaker Inspector Cover Letter

A shoemaker inspector cover letter is the perfect vehicle for catching the interest of a prospective employer-especially one who is in charge of hiring people who have experience overseeing the work of those who manufacture shoes using both hand and machine tools. All shoemaker inspector cover letters are most effective when the applicants specify their training and experience.

Greg Jacobs
56 Wall Street
White Pines, USA 68979

November 7, 2006

Mr. Harrison Peters,
Hiring Manager
Ottawa Shoe Company
90 Ottawa Street
Any City, USA 34563

Dear Mr. Peters:

Your posting today on JobBankUSA.com for an experienced shoemaker inspector fits my experience and expertise perfectly. I have been a shoemaker and an inspector for my previous place of employment which you can see on my enclosed resume.

Today, however, I am writing this cover letter to apply for this job at your company and to ask if you'd be willing to meet me for an interview to talk about what you are looking for in shoemaker inspectors who work for your company.

If you're free to get together, please call me at 897-673-5645 and I'll be glad to come to your office at a time that suits you. Thank you ahead of time for considering my application and resume.


Greg Jacobs

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