Sample Ship Loader Cover Letter

When writing a ship loader cover letter be sure the individual who does the hiring knows your experience and training as well as your areas of expertise in loading and unloading chemicals and bulk solids, such as coal, sand, and grain into or from ships using material moving equipment. Duties may also include gauging or sampling shipping tanks and testing them for leaks. All ship loader cover letters should deliver this kind of important information to help the applicants land the jobs they are applying for.

Howard Wallace
678 McMahon Road
Any City, USA 23232

May 19, 2006

Mr. Robert Greiner
Morse Ship Yard
95 E. 65th Street
Any City, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Greiner:

I'm aware that you are hiring ship loaders with experience. I believe I qualify as a result of my five years with a shipping company on the East Coast. My resume lists my experience and responsibilities.

I'm writing this cover letter to confirm my interest in applying for this position as listed on JobBankUSA.com. Could we meet to talk over the job and the tasks I'd be assuming if you decide to hire me as one of your ship loaders?

Please call me at 831-906-9078 to arrange a time to meet. Thank you very much for taking a moment to review my enclosures.


Howard Wallace

Enc: resume and cover letter