Sample Reject Opener Cover Letter

This reject opener cover letter shows the hiring manager that he knows the nature of this job--to open rejected cigars and reclaim the tobacco for other use. All reject opening cover letters with this specific information will help a sincere and qualified job seeker land an interview.

Tom Anton
789 Seventh Street
Anyville, USA 89890

June 12, 2007

Mr. Tim Halloran,
Hiring Manager
Southern Cities Tobacco Company
902 Fisher Avenue
Anyville, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Halloran:

I have worked as a reject opener in the tobacco industry for the past three years. Therefore, when I spotted on JobBankUSA.com, your need for such a worker at Southern Cities, I decided to write a cover letter immediately and ask for an interview. I have enclosed my resume of past experience along with this letter. I'm familiar with the work of opening rejected cigars and reclaiming the tobacco for other use.

Would you be willing to meet with me in person so you can be sure of my qualifications for this job? I'm a team player and would be happy to join other reject openers at your company.

If you'd like to interview me, please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a time that works for you. Thank you very much for reviewing the resume and considering me for this job. I hope to hear from you soon.


Tom Anton

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