Sample Recreational Vehicle Repairer Cover Letter

Notice how the applicant in this recreational vehicle repairer cover letter focuses on his ability to repair RVs in the repair shop affiliated with a dealership or as a repairer on call for owners who may be stranded on the road. All recreational vehicle repairer cover letters need to include specifics such as these in order to attract a hiring manager.

Simon Preston
303 Walker Drive
Any Town, USA 33333

July 5, 2006

Mr. Bruce Sloan,
Hiring Manager
Fun in the Sun Recreational Vehicle Company
22 Sunset Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Sloan:

I am in the market for the job you listed on JobBankUSA.com, which I spotted this morning. I have been a recreational vehicle repairer for a little more than three years. First I worked for a manufacturing company and then did free-lance work as an on-call repairer.

Today, however, I am eager to settle into one full-time job with a dealership such as yours. The position you described sounds like an ideal fit for me and I hope I will be the right person for your team of recreational vehicle repairers.

Please consider meeting me to talk about how I can bring my talent and experience to your company. Give me a call at 678-567-0909 to set up an appointment. I'll gladly come to your office on a day that works best for you.

Thank you for reading and considering my cover letter and resume.


Simon Preston

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