Sample Real Estate Managers Cover Letter

In this REAL ESTATE MANAGERS COVER LETTER, the applicant explains that unlike many other Real Estate Managers, he considers managing property to be a worthwhile career. He explains why he feels that he can add value to the property, and the kinds of actions he has taken to increase his management capabilities. This combination creates a very powerful Real Estate Managers cover letter and is worth emulating.

Sammy Sidewalk
774 Vacancy Lane
Austin, TX 07310

August 3rd 2005

Jennifer Awning
VP of Human Resources
Awning Properties
3453 Curbside Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 07778

Ms. Awning

I have often wondered why people make very substantial investments in real estate, and then allow that real estate to be managed by less than professional real estate managers. I am a professional real estate manager ready to perform the duties to the level required to protect the value of the real estate that I am responsible for. I have been working in the field for more than ten years now, have mastered the skills required to do the job properly.

For me, these skills cover three categories; legal, personal and technical. Because of the complexity of the real estate and tenant laws. Iíve made it my priority to become familiar with the most relevant and important of the common issues that a real estate manager must be familiar with. Though I am not an attorney, I have a clear idea of how to proceed in just about any foreseeable situation I may encounter.

In terms of personal skills, Iíve worked hard to develop the ability to interact with employees, contractors and residents. A real estate manager is the point person of contact for all these different individuals and the needs they have. As such he or she is the representative of the building owner/management and needs to present that owner in the best possible way.

Lastly, itís been a goal of mine to develop a firm competency in the technical skills of providing service to the properties that I manage. I have developed sufficient capability to repair the various mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues that arise or to determine what sort of professional needs to be brought in. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how I could bring these three skill sets to your property as a real estate manager.


Sammy Sidewalk