Sample Ranchers Cover Letter

In this RANCHER COVER LETTER the candidate quickly establishes that he has the life and educational background that the Ranch Manager is looking for. Then he goes one step further by saying that he applies this knowledge of ranching and cattle to the specific business of running each ranch as a profitable business. Compared to the typical Rancher cover letter, which would only speak to the work experience of the writer, this makes for an extremely powerful Ranchers cove letter.

Johnny Wayne
6643 Ranch Hand Rd.
Brokeback, MT 33221

October 5th, 2005

Tommy Mix, Ranch Mgr.
TM Ranch
444 Cattleman Lane
Vacaville, CA 88833

Mr. Mix,


I grew up on a ranch, as the son of a rancher. I studied agricultural science at Texas A&M University, concentrating my studies on ranching and cattle raising. Iíve raised and exhibited medal-winning specimens of cattle, worth thousands of dollars apiece at auction. Iíve worked as a rancher for one of the largest cattle ranches in the Southwest, responsible for bringing over 25,000 head of cattle to market each year. I, however, do not expect to receive a job offer on the strength of these credentials.

Rather, I expect to be hired because of the simple fact that I have maintained a consistent record of profitability at each ranch I have managed. I look at ranching as a business. I love to be out in the open space, looking at a herd of beef on the hoof as much as the next cattleman, but realize that unless those grazing cattle turn a profit at the end of their season then the whole ranch will go under.

For that reason, Iíve supplemented my agricultural studies with business expertise learned from a variety of sources. Just like any businessman, I approach being a rancher with an eye to inputs, processes, strategies and tactics that will maximize profits for my ranch and its investors.

I look forward to bringing this businesslike approach to ranching to your spread. Iíve done some research and have learned that you run a first class operation there, and make it a priority to do things right. Feel free to call me at your convenience to begin a conversation on how I may be of service.

Thank you,

Johnny Wayne