Sample Rail Yardmaster Cover Letter

A rail yardmaster cover letter displays the applicant's training and experirence coordinating, monitoring and directing all rail vehicle movements in a rail yard area. Duties include routing trains over switches, issuing Train Orders for the safe movement of work vehicles, coordinating work with various supervisory employees related to vehicle availability and train movements, and controlling the traction power system within the rail yard and test tracks. All rail yardmaster cover letters can be improved by showing the hiring manager how his or her combination of skills will enhance the job and the company.

George Peace
980 74th Avenue
Any Place, USA 33333

October10, 2006

Mr. Lincoln Williams
Hiring Manager
R & R Rail Systems
46 Center Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Williams:

I come from a family with a long history in the railroad industry. I have literally grown up around trains and I have acquired the necessary training on the job and in the classroom to assume the duties of rail yard master. When I saw a listing for this position on JobBankUSA.com this week, I knew I wanted to apply for the job right away. That is the purpose of my cover letter today.

My resume lists my specific experiences and training, but I'd like to meet with you at your convenience to talk about what you expect and want from the rail yardmasters you hire for your company.

Please phone me at 777-777-7777 so we can arrange a date and time that suits your schedule. Thank you for reading my cover letter and for taking a moment to if I'm a good fit for your company.


George Peace

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