Sample Quilt Stuffer Cover Letter

A quilt stuffer cover letter displays the applicant's experience filling quilt or comforter covers with precut sheets of cotton or wool batting, or synthetic materials, prior to sewing and quilting. All quilt stuffer cover letters should show the hiring what the job seekers can do and any previous experience to back it up.

Mamie Bergstrom
903 Constance Drive
Any Place, USA 33333

June 10, 2007

Mr. Gene Harper,
Hiring Manager
Starbright Quilts and Comforters, Inc.
79 Sunlight Circle
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Harper:

I have three years of experience working as a quilt stuffer for a bedding company in Minneapolis. Now that I live in this warmer climate I am eager to find this kind of work closer to home. I was grateful to see your posting for quilt stuffers on JobBankUSA.com.

I'm writing this cover letter this evening to ask for a brief interview so I can talk to you about my employee record and to find out what you are looking for in the people you hire. I will do my best to meet your standards.

If you're available to meet, please phone me at 777-777-7777 to arrange a date and time that suits your schedule. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.


Mamie Bergstrom

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