Sample Purchasing Managers Cover Letter

In this PURCHASING MANAGERS COVER LETTER the applicant leads with the enthusiasm that she feels for the job but does not end there. After all, many people, including many that are unqualified have a lot of enthusiasm for the job. But they also need to be able and experienced in order to get that chance. So in the second half of her Purchasing Managers cover letter, she explains how she is also experienced.

Jessica Silk
274 Fashion Forward Lane
Denim, NJ 07310

August 3rd 2003

Kathy Cotton
VP of Purchasing
En Style Fashions
3453 Designer Blvd.
Bloussant, NJ 07778

Ms. Cotton,

Allow me to start this letter by saying that I think that a Purchasing Managers job is the best on earth. As someone who has loved to shop ever since I was a little girl, I love the idea of doing it for a living. To me, there is nothing more fun that going out into the marketplace and finding the item that will be the next big thing.

Looking at my resume, you will see that Iíve been working in the retail environment since I was a senior in high school. Starting as a retail sales associate and working my way to a store manager, I have always tried to take a larger view of the business and to see how the workings of my individual store fit into the strategy of the company I worked for. This dedication to the larger picture paid off when I became promoted to the Assistant Purchase Agent for the Happy Honey brand of clothing.

In that position, I had the privilege of learning from some of the best purchasing agents in the business and soon found myself promoted to Purchase Agent, then Purchasing Manager. If I may say so, I excelled in the job. To me, the job of a purchasing manager is performed using a combination of scientific research and an instinctive feel for what target customers might want.

My greatest triumph of my first stint as a Purchasing Manager I was able to accurately predict the coming industry wide trend for ornately embroidered jeans and to recommend the purchase of these jeans for all our stores. These jeans caught the wave and became the stores best selling item of the year. I look forward to meeting with you at your convenience to tell you more about what I will bring to your stores. Feel free to give me a call when you are ready to meet.

Thank you,

Jessica Silk