Sample Property Managers Cover Letter

In this PROPERTY MANAGERS COVER LETTER the writer makes the distinction between himself and the other applicants for the position. Namely, he makes the claim that unlike most property managers, he is devoted to the job as a legitimate career and has made appropriate steps to increase his skills. This is a very wise tactic for a Property Managers cover letter, or honestly for any other kind of cover letter.

Jimmy Lyons
2020 Beachwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA 07310

August 3rd 2003

Steve Tenant
VP of Human Resources
The Apartment Bloc
3453 Mission Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 07778

Mr. Tenant,

I recently saw your advertisement for Property Managers on craigslist.com and knew that I am exactly what you are advertising for. Unlike many Apartnent Managers, I look at this job as a career in itself, and strive to be able to do the best job possible for my employer.

I began managing apartments while in college, studying to be a fine artist. Though I originally took the apartment managers assignment to get a free place to stay, I soon learned that it provides a fulfilling and rewarding counterpoint to my work as an artist. Unlike my painting, which is very solitary and abstract, managing the apartment and working to solve the problems that the tenants might have provides me with both social interaction and an opportunity to work in more concrete ways.

Even after graduation, and receiving a mastersís degree, I have continued t to work as an apartment manager and to add to my maintenance skills and learn the business side of the job. Today I am well versed in the most relevant legal issues that arise between tenants and landlords, and am well qualified to do most sorts of repairs around an apartment complex. At this point, I can honestly say that there are few situations (besides perhaps an earthquake) that I havenít been through at some point in my seven years of managing properties.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about the property you need managed. I would like to have a chance to tell you about the kind of system and procedures I have developed in my time as a property manager and see how these would fit into your procedures. I look forward to hearing from you at the number below.


Jimmy Lyons