Sample Promotions Cover Letter

The reason that a PROMOTIONS MANAGER COVER LETTER must shine is simple: Itís such a cool job that thousands of people want to do it. After all, think about it. Whatís a promotion? A party. A party that some company is going to pay for. So as the Promotions Manager itís basically your job to think of how to make these parties as cool as possible. If that doesnít inspire you to write a great Promotions Manager Cover letter, I donít know what will.

Barby Dahl
5543 Tippler Blvd.
Bourbon, CT 99322

March 14th, 2001

Homer Simmons, CEO
Bowen Distribution
4432 Intercept Road
Sprinderton, KS 44331

Mr. Simmons,

Iím writing this letter at the suggestion of your colleague, Tandem Rainmaker, who I met last week at a promotion I was managing for Callaway Golf Clubs. Somewhere around the third hole, Mr. Rainmaker, impressed by the hospitality carts that I had arranged to drive from guest to guest told me that your company was always on the lookout for Promotion Managers who had a flair for the unusual.

As the enclosed pictures of my most recent promotion, held at a special carnival tent erected in the parking lot of the clientís manufacturing plant show, that description certainly fits me.

In todayís world of excess and continual stimulation, I feel that a company must go that extra mile --- often wearing a glittering evening gown and puffing on a tuba --- if they want to attract a clientís attention. As a result, I have made it my professional goal to ensure that my employerís events are remembered for years to come.

Chances are, if youíve ever walked away from a corporate promotion wondering how they came up with that idea, the answer was probably: They hired Barby. Please take a look at my client list included with my resume. If youíve been to any of those events and liked what you saw, I look forward to meeting with you very soon.


Barby Dahl