Sample Product Weigher Cover Letter

The applicant in this product weigher cover letter acknowledges her ability to operate the scales necessary to weigh a variety of products-including textiles, food items, and auto parts. Product weigher cover letters that indicate experience and helpful information about the nature of the work will land interviews and jobs.

Jill Jobseeker
786 Shaffer Street
Cityplace, USA 99999

September 2, 2006

Mr. Ken Newton, Owner
Goodman Products, Inc.
100 Peachblossom Highway
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Newton:

I saw your call for a product weigher on JobBankUSA.com. I have experience in this field, having worked for two years for East Coast Production Company in New Jersey.

I'm aware of the responsibility of weighing products accurately and recording the readings precisely. I'd welcome working with other product weighers at your company.

If you'd like to talk over the job and give me a tour of the facility I'd be pleased to meet you whenever you say. Please call me at 678-456-3465 and state a time. I'll be there. I appreciate your reading my cover letter and considering me for this job.


Jill Jobseeker

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