Sample Product Demonstrator Specialist Cover Letter

A product demonstrator specialist cover letter discusses the applicant's training, experience, and ability to display and demonstrate in an effective way a particular product-be it a kitchen gadget or a new computer program. Such an individual will be able to 'show and tell' everything that is necessary to close a sale after demonstrating a product at a home or office. All product demonstrator cover letters should list these abilities and let the hiring manager know the applicants' experience and training in the field.

Daisy Barker
356 Redmond Drive
Centerville, USA 34576

September 15, 2006

Ms. Margaret Hilliard, Owner
Kitchen Magic
56 Hope Street
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Ms. Hilliard:

I am writing this cover letter today in response to your listing on JobBankUSA.com for a product demonstrator specialist. I am such a person. I have successfully demonstrated kitchenware as well as computers at various trade shows throughout the country.

I am interested in people, have an outgoing personality, and the ability to show a product in its most effective light. After watching me, people buy! I know that is the kind of individual you are looking for.

May we meet any morning next week to talk about this job and how I might be one of the product demonstrator specialists you plan to hire? Please call me at 456-777-8989 to let me know. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered.


Daisy Barker

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