Sample Poultry Equipment & Supplies Sales Representative Cover Letter

If you are writing a poultry equipment and supplies sales representative cover letter be sure to show the hiring manager your expertise at selling livestock- and poultry-feed products to farmers and retail establishments. This and other useful information related to this work and the applicants' experience should be included in all poultry equipment and supplies sales representative cover letters.

Brian Beardsley
234 Parkside Drive
Winslow, California 99999

August 19, 2006

Mr. John Atkins,
Hiring Manager
West Coast Poultry Equipment
and Supplies, Inc.
16 Country Blvd.
Winslow, CA 99999

Dear Mr. Atkins:

On JobBankUSA.com I saw your posting for a poultry equipment and supplies sales representative. I have five years of experience in the fish and poultry business and have a knack for sales. I also enjoy making calls on clients over a large territory.

I know how important it is to have reliable poultry equipment and supplies sales representatives selling your products. I'd like to be one of them.

Please give me a call at 879-567-9090 and I'll be happy to visit your office to meet in person and discuss what I can bring to this position.

Thank you for taking time to read my cover letter and for considering me for the job.


Brian Beardsley

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