Sample Police Officer Cover Letter

When writing a police officer cover letter be sure the individual who does the hiring knows your experience and training as well as your areas of expertise in enforcing the law. For example, narcotics, traffic control, harbor monitoring, etc. All police officer cover letters should deliver this kind of important information to help the applicants land the job they are applying for.

Arnold Lester
678 Dawson Road
Any City, USA 23232

April 19, 2006

Captain Raymond Peters
Any City Police Department
95 E. 65th Street
Any City, USA 78956

Dear Captain Peters:

I'm aware that you are hiring police officers with experience in traffic control. I qualify for that division. During my five years of service in San Diego, California I have driven a motorcycle, ridden a horse as I patrolled Balboa Park, and done a stint in harbor control as a police officer.

I'm writing this cover letter to confirm my attendance at your Introductory Seminar on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at Any City's Police Headquarters.

I would also welcome an opportunity to meet with you in person following the seminar. If you're available, please let me know. I'll be happy to bring a document showing my history as a police officer and an award I received from the mayor of San Diego for outstanding service in the traffic control department.


Arnold Lester

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