Sample Plant Breeder Cover Letter

A plant breeder cover letter shows the hiring manager that the job hunter knows what is required of someone who plans and carries out breeding studies to develop and improve different varieties of crops. All plant breeder cover letters should include pertinent professional and personal experience.

Brady Newcomb
10 Blackstone Drive
Citywide, USA 87695

June 20, 2007

Mr. Keith Sloan,
Hiring Manager
American Plant Breeders, Inc.
458 Hillside Drive
Citywide, USA 87659

Dear Mr. Sloan:

I read your posting on JobBankUSA.com this morning for a plant breeder so I am sending this cover letter as my application to fill this opening at American Plant Breeders. I have five years of experience in this field and look forward to bringing my skill and my enthusiasm for this work to your company.

I'd be happy to speak with you in person if you are inclined to meet for an interview. I appreciate your taking a moment to consider me for this job. If you wish to get together, please select the day and time that best suits you and confirm by calling 222-222-2222. I look forward to meeting you. And thank you for taking time to read my materials.


Brady Newcomb

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