Sample Pipeline Drafter Cover Letter

When 'drafting' a pipeline drafter cover letter make sure you tell the hiring manager your experience in any one area that is of special interest to you, such as making drawings used in oil and gas fields, chemical plants, and other pipe systems. Pipeline drafter cover letters that include such specific details are sure to garner attention and result in a meeting for employment consideration.

Joseph Torr
789 Waverly Avenue
Topside, USA 90465

May 10, 2006

Mr. Richard Aguirre
Hiring Manager
Municipal Oil Company
75 90th Street
Any Where, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Aguirre:

Your posting for a pipeline drafter on JobBankUSA.com called out to me and that's why I'm sending this cover letter. I'm looking for employment in this field and can start immediately. I specialize in drawings used in oil and gas fields.

I have worked for the past decade for the oil industry in Texas as part of a team of pipeline drafters for the city of Austin.

I can show you some of my drawings if you'd like to meet in person to discuss this position. Just name the day and time and I'll be there. You can reach me afternoons and evenings at 888-888-8888 to confirm.


Joseph Torr

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