Sample Physician's Assistant Cover Letter

Notice how the applicant in this physician's assistant cover letter focuses on her ability as a non-physician clinician licensed to practice medicine with a physician's supervision. PAs can treat patients and, in most states, prescribe medicine, and in some states in the US they carry a DEA number that gives them authority to prescribe controlled medications. Therefore, physician's assistant cover letters should include this essential information.

Jane Jobhunter
303 Sunset Street
Any Place, USA 33333

February 5, 2006

Mr. Robert Elbow
Personnel Manager
Mountainview Hospital
22 Willow Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Elbow:

I am applying for the position of Physician's Assistant which you listed on JobBankUSA.com. I am qualified, licensed, and experienced and I'm eager to begin work by March 15.

I have an excellent record, recognition from co-workers and from physicians I've worked with. I know the importance of having high-quality physicians' assistants at your hospital and I hope to be one of them.

May we meet in person to discuss the duties, the hours, and the procedure you follow at Mountainview?

Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 if you'd like to discuss this further. I can work my schedule to fit your calendar.


Jane Jobhunter

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