Sample Photogrammetry Pilot Cover Letter

A photogrammetry pilot cover letter is the perfect vehicle for catching the interest of a prospective employee-especially one who is in need of aerial photographers who can fly at specified altitudes and speed in order to photograph areas of the earth's surface for mapping and other photogrammetric purposes. Therefore, photogrammetry pilot cover letters are most effective when the applicant specifies his or her abilities in detail.

Wendy Jobs
56 Lookalike Lane
Worthington, USA 68979

October 7, 2006

Mr. Harvey Brannigan
Mother Earth Maps, Inc.
65 Landview Street
Any City, USA 34563

Dear Mr. Brannigan:

Maps and photography have always interested me, as has piloting an aircraft. I got my flying license at age 18. When I found out there was such a profession as photogrammetry, I enrolled in a training program and became certified as a photogrammetry pilot.

I am writing this cover letter today to apply for the job in this field which you advertised on your web site jobbankusa.com. I'm aware of the need for skilled photogrammetry pilots who possess both talents-photography and the ability to fly.

I am prepared to show you my photography portfolio and to talk about how I can fill the position you advertised. Would you like to meet so we can see if I'm a good fit for your company and the right person for this particular job?

If so, please call me at 897-673-5645 and I'll be happy to come to your office at your convenience.


Wendy Jobs

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