Sample Orientation Therapist Cover Letter

An orientation therapist cover letter focuses on the applicant's ability to guide, train, lead, and assist individuals with sight impairments so they can protect themselves as they walk, prepare food, eat, groom, handle money, etc. All orientation therapist cover letters should reflect the individual's knowledge and ability to carry out the responsibilities of working with the blind and sight impaired and also include one's training and education in this field.

Gerry Arden
456 Beacon Ridge Lane
Centerville, USA 34576

January 25, 2006

Mr. David Richards
Hiring Manager
Pierpont School for the Blind
56 Baffin Street
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Richards:

I've been volunteering with the blind since I was a teenager. My father was blind so I had a special interest in this population. Today I am writing this cover letter to apply for the position you advertised on JobBankUSA.com for a trained and experienced orientation therapist. I have gone from a volunteer to a licensed therapist and look forward to making a career of this work.

May I schedule an in-person meeting with you next week or at your convenience to discuss my qualifications for joining your team of orientation therapists at Pierpont?

Please call me at 456-777-8989 to set up a time to get together if you wish to talk with me. Thank you for considering my application and qualifications.


Gerry Arden

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