Sample Orchestrator Cover Letter

A well-written orchestrator cover letter with samples of your work is essential if you wish to land a job writing and transcribing musical scores. Be sure to mention your training, as well, and your educational background in music, if applicable. All orchestrator cover letters should let the hiring managers know the applicants' experience and expertise.

Michael Dietz
676 Cordoba Street
Any City, USA 23232

January 5, 2007

Ms. Carol Nolte,
Hiring Manager
Exceptional Music Arrangers, Inc.
908 Curtin Avenue
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Ms. Nolte:

I am aware of your listing on JobBankUSA.com for an orchestrator for new clients, which your company has acquired. With this cover letter I am applying for this opening. I have an M.A. in music, with specialties in piano and keyboard and I also plate the flute and sax. I am adept at orchestration and have won awards for my work while employed at Starburst Film Company.

Would you like me to come in for an interview so I can show you samples of the orchestration I've done and to talk about how I can work with the other orchestrators you employ?

If so, please contact me at 786-909-8976 and I will be happy to meet you at a time that works for you. Thank you very much for reading my cover letter and for giving me an opportunity to apply for this job.


Michael Dietz

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