SampleNuclear Medicine Diagnostic Technician Cover Letter

The job seeker in this nuclear medicine diagnostic technician cover letter talks about his experience in this field involving diagnostic tests that exploit the way the body handles substances differently when there is disease. The radionuclide introduced into the body is commonly known as a tracer. All nuclear medicine diagnostic technician cover letters should provide the hiring physician with the applicants' understanding and experience with this complex branch of medicine.

Jerry Perkins
347 Danville Road
Any City, USA 99999

January 23, 2006

George Himmelman, M.D.,
Any Town Medical Testing Clinic
452 Waterman Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Dr. Himmelman:

Thank you for posting your need for a nuclear medicine diagnostic technician on JobBankUSA.com, which I visit frequently. I had five years of experience in this field in another city, which my resume details, and am now applying for the position at your clinic.

This is a branch of medical testing that is of great interest to me as it was through this specialty that one of my relatives was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

I am writing this cover letter to ask if I might meet you in person to discuss filling one of these positions. Please call me on my cell phone: 234-567-8989 to set up a time we can get together. Thank you for considering my application and cover letter.


Jerry Perkins

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