Sample Motorboat Operator Cover Letter

The applicant in this motorboat operator cover letter lets the hiring manager know right away that he can operate small motor-driven boats to carry passengers and freight between ships, or ship to shore and that he can patrol harbors and beach areas, as well. Motorboat operator cover letters that show knowledge and experience are bound to land the applicants an interview and likely, a job.

Jason Appleby
897 Morrissey Street
Cityplace, USA 99999

September 13, 2006

Mr. Warren Baker
Hiring Manager
Cityside Harbor Cruises
43 Frontage Drive
Foster City, USA 87650

Dear Mr. Baker:

I was happy to see your posting for a motorboat operator on JobBankUSA.com, since I'm in the market for such a job. I am good with people, experienced as a motorboat operator, and I'm able to transport cargo, people, or both between the sea and the designated destination. In addition I can patrol harbors and beach areas.

If you'd like to talk over this position and discuss what you have in mind for the motorboat operators you hire, I'd be happy to come to your office next week. Please call me at 678-456-3465, state a time and date, and I'll confirm. Thank you so much for considering my cover letter and reading over my resume.


Jason Appleby

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