Sample Motion Picture Stage Worker Cover Letter

The job applicant in this motion picture stage worker cover letter makes sure the hiring manager knows her background and experience in the film industry doing the work involved on the stage-which may include helping with sets, props, arrangements, etc. All motion picture stage worker cover letters that include details related to the job are more likely to result in an interview and a job for the applicant.

Georgette Barker
23 River Drive
Bear Valley, USA 98989

August 18, 2006

Mr. Harold Charles,
Hiring Manager
American Film Productions, Inc.
32 Hollywood Street
Any Where, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Charles:

I noticed on JobBankUSA.com your posting for a motion picture stage worker for your upcoming films. I believe I am well qualified to fill this opening. I've worked in the film business for five years with a specialty in props, sets, stage management, etc.

I'm a fast and effective worker and can work odd hours, when necessary to get the job done.

I'd be pleased to come to your office any weekday morning to talk about this work and what you have in mind for the motion picture stage workers you hire.

Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 to arrange a date and time that works for you. Thank you for considering my resume and cover letter.


Georgette Barker

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