Sample Medical Transcriptionist Cover Letter

When writing a medical transcriptionist cover letter be sure the hiring manager knows you have experience that lines up with the nature of the job--transcribing dictated reports and translating medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms, then editing as necessary and returning reports in either printed or electronic form to the dictator for review, correction and his or her signature. All medical transcriptionist cover letters should provide details about what the applicants can bring to the job that may set them apart from others.

Mona Byers
4560 Vine Street
Plaintown, USA 23232

December 1, 2006

Mr. Samuel Grant,
Hiring Manager
Oceanside Hospital
22 Beach Street
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Grant:

I read on JobBankUSA.com your interest in hiring a medical transcriptionist for your newly opened hospital. I have been in this field for ten years and would welcome being part of a new department in a new hospital. I believe my experience would be a benefit.

You may be interviewing other potential medical transcriptionists but I hope you will not make a final decision until I can talk over this job with you and show you want I can bring to it.

Please call me on my cell phone: 785-897-3434 to set up an interview at your convenience if you'd like to talk to me. Thank you for considering my application and cover letter. I'm really looking forward to meeting you.


Mona Byers

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