Sample Medical Manager Cover Letter

In this MEDICAL MANAGER COVER LETTER the writer stresses her lifelong commitment to the medical field. Furthermore, the writer goes on to say that not only is she committed to the field, but also that this commitment has led to a series of decisions and jobs that make her qualified for the position she is seeking. No matter how many other Medical Manager cover letters this Hiring Manager is sent, she’ll be sure to read this one.

Susan Forceps
5534 Malpractice Drive
Chlorophorm, NJ 07310

August 3rd 2003

Dr. Janey Gurney
VP of Human Resources
Garner Memorial Hospital
3453 Scalpel Blvd.
Gangrene, NJ 07778

Dr. Gurney,

I am writing this letter to you in hopes that you are the kind of health care provider that will appreciate the devotion I bring to the position of Medical Manager. I consider myself to be one of the lucky people in the workforce that has the privelege of doing both the work that I love and the work that I think is important. For me, working as a Medical Manager is both a dream come true and a chance to contribute to the world in an important way.

I suppose that the basis of this belief can be traced to my childhood as the daughter of a brilliant and successful doctor. I grew up knowing that the medical profession was for me. After pursuing a medical education as a doctor throughout my undergraduate years, I ultimately realized that a career as a physician was not my path; my love for the numbers and excitement of business was too strong, and my aversion to seeing the suffering of others was too strong. Luckily, I discovered the position of Medical Manager.

As a Medical Manager I work to support the physicians working at the hospital, providing them with the tools and environment they need to do their work. In this way I am actively helping to make the sick well and improve the lives of every patient that enters the hospital. At the same time, I can indulge in my passion for finding efficiencies and improvements in business processes.

Because this work is my passion, I have a strong desire to do the best job I can everyday. I look forward to sharing some of my specific success stories with you, as well as the learning experiences that have shaped my philosophy of Medical Manager excellence. I can be reached at 444-998-9980 any time during business hours.


Susan Forceps