Sample Mechanical Engineers Cover Letter

In this MECHANICAL ENGINEERS COVER LETTER, the applicant details her philosophy on leading a team. The job posting emphasized the need for a person with leadership skills and experience. This applicant writes about her ability to read people and get them to be more productive. She then explains how she manages to do this. It gets a bit philosophical, but, in the end, exhibits a clear confidence in her ability to lead which makes this Mechanical Engineers cover letter a winner.

Lacy Underals
2225 Marlboro Lane
Princeton, NJ 07110

March 7th, 2002

Mark Mangopants, Sr. Engineer
Junebug Corp.
1313 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10280

Mr. Mangopants:

I was scanning Hotjobs.com this morning and came across your posting for Mechanical Engineers to work out of the corporate office in Manhattan. You specifically mentioned needing Mechanical Engineers with leadership experience. My technical background is clearly articulated on my resume so I will use this cover letter to expand on my experience as a leader in the workplace.

Having worked with Mechanical Engineers since I graduated from Virginia Tech, I know how to lead engineers. I also know every person is different and different people are motivated by different things. Some Mechanical Engineers are only interested in upward mobility, others just want a steady paycheck, and others just want to be exposed to the latest and greatest technologies. An effective leader recognizes what motivates his or her colleagues and incorporates this knowledge into an actionable plan.

Too often leadership only looks at the bottom line rather than the people responsible for the bottom line. If those people are properly nurtured, the bottom line should take care of itself. A motivated, productive workforce ultimately leads to profitability.

Turnover is another issue that seems to get worse every year. Gone are the days when people worked with one company for 40 years. The Internet and the free market have created a climate that encourages Mechanical Engineers and every other kind of worker to chase the almighty dollar. Fortunately, people are still loyal to other people. They are rarely loyal to businesses.

My team will be loyal to the people in that team which will ultimately lead money in the pockets of the stockholders. I have been leading people in all different contexts since I was six years old. I hope to become a better leader with your company. I will talk to you soon.

Best regards,

Lacy Underals