Sample Meat Inspector Cover Letter

A meat inspector cover letter can be the very thing that leads to a new job if it is written well and with a clear understanding on the part of the applicant what the job involves-- providing the first line of defense against diseased meat and poultry. Such a worker is responsible for the day-to-day in-plant inspection of animals before and after slaughter. All meat inspector cover letters should offer this specific assurance of their ability to carry out the duties involved in this important work.

Jon Jobhunter
45 City Side Road
Anyville, USA 56734

September 2, 2006

Mr. Lyle Waters,
Hiring Manager
National Meat and Poultry
Inspection Services, Inc.
64 Olney Street
Anyplace, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Waters:

I'm looking for a position as a meat inspector so when I saw your posting for such an opening on JobBankUSA.com I knew I wanted to apply for the job. That's my reason for writing this cover letter today. I understand you have two positions for meat inspectors. I'd like one of them. I have two years of experience with the Food and Drug Association in this capacity and have a wide-range of knowledge about the importance of the duties involved in this important work for the public's health and safety.

May we please meet in person so I can get your perspective on this job? I'll be happy to accommodate your schedule. Please phone me at 695-888-8756 and give me a time and date that works for you. I really appreciate being considered for this job. Thank you for considering my cover letter.


Jon Jobhunter

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