Sample Materials Engineers Cover Letter

In this Materials Engineers Cover Letter, the applicant focuses on the company’s need for people interested in “long-term” career growth. Employee retention, especially in large corporations, is a big priority. It costs large companies collectively billions and billions of dollars to recruit and train new employees. When a company invests that kind of time and energy into acquiring and developing an employee, they want to know that person plans to stay around for a while. This applicant intelligently recognizes this company’s need for Materials Engineers with some loyalty.

Steven Cutter
3509 M Street
Washington, DC 22222

June 6th, 2003

David Goliet, VP of Human Resources
Materials Inc.
1212 K Street; Suite 321
Washington, DC 22221

Mr. Goliet:

I am applying for one of the Materials Engineers positions recently posted on jobbankusa.com. I am presently completing a contract with a multi-national manufacturing firm. My last day is this Friday.

In your posting for Materials Engineers, you mentioned it was important for applicants to be interested in long-term career growth. My last three positions have been short term contracting positions (all of which were extended). At this point in my career, I am looking for a home, a company I can grow with (and help grow the company) until the day I retire.

My resume demonstrates my extensive background as a Materials Engineer in the manufacturing industry. I have over 15 years of experience in this area. In the past three years I have recognized the need for some permanence and consistency in my life. While I have enjoyed helping build other companies in the short-term, I am eager to jump on board with a business that will allow me to contribute for the long-term.

Materials Engineers like to be on the cutting edge and this company certainly has a reputation for being at the forefront. With my education, experience and desire to commit to a long-term position, we could have a perfect match.

Please give me a call on my cell phone (top of resume) to set up a meeting. I consider myself one of the top Materials Engineers in the country.

Thank you,

Steven Cutter