Sample Marketing Cover Letter

A MARKETING COVER LETTER is in a special category as far as cover letter quality is concerned. After all, a cover letter is nothing more than a form of marketing. So in a sense a Marketing Cover letter is more like a demonstration of your skill than a simple request for an interview. For that reason, your Marketing cover letter must really shine like the following letter.

Doris Knocking
9982 Message Way
Poughkinberg, MN 88332

April 12th, 2005

Mark Etting
Sr. VP, Sales
Pear Computers
San Jose, CA 88231

Mr. Etting,

As the Senior Vice President of your company’s marketing efforts, you are in the position of spearheading as many or more new product launches as anyone else in the industry. Consequently, you are well aware that the qualifications that a Marketing Manager who oversees a new product’s introduction to the marketplace are much more demanding than that of the industry standard.

When a new product is launched, the Marketing Manager must be as ready to perform as a professional athlete. So much must be accomplished at once. The brand, the product positioning, mindshare, press reaction, word of mouth… every factor that will determine whether the product is successful or not depends on the Marketing efforts of the initial phase of that product launch.

As the Marketing Director of YXZ Games, I have been performing in just that function for the last three years. Much like your company’s consumer electronics, YXZ’s games are the product of many months of research and development, which can either succeed or fail depending on the initial reaction of our core sales demographic.

My time with this company has taught me how to prepare, like that professional athlete I mentioned before, to the point where all the elements of a successful product launch are ready before the item is ready to ship. I would like to explain how I intend to bring this same level of preparation and professionalism to your organization.

Thank you,

Doris Knocking