Sample Manufacturer's Sales Representative Cover Letter

This manufacturer's sales representative cover letter shows the personnel manager that the applicant is well qualified to take on the travel and in-person sales calls necessary to get the job done. In addition to preparing a variety of sample products, a financial sheet, and delivery projections, the manufacturing sales representative may be asked to process orders, keep records and accounts, and follow-up on deliveries and billing. Manufacturer's sales representative cover letters with this kind of specific information included will help any job seeker land an interview.

Barbara Norris
2560 17th Street
Farmland, USA 89890

July 5, 2006

Ms. Betty Jean Thomas
Personnel Manager
Benfield and Lane Mattress
Manufacturing Company
62 East Bluff Avenue
Any Place, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Thomas:

My experience as a manufacturer's sales representative goes back five years when I started with Comstock Camera Company. Now I am attracted to sell mattresses because this is a product everyone uses, since we all need a good night's sleep. Your company has a stellar reputation so it would be my pleasure to be part of your team of manufacturer's sales representatives. By the way, I sleep on a Benfield and Lane mattress myself!

Today I am writing this cover letter to apply for the position posted on your listing on JobBankUSA.com.

May I meet you in person to talk more about this work so I can show you why I'm well qualified for the position and to hear more about your company? Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a get-together that works for your busy schedule.


Barbara Norris

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