Sample Management Occupations Cover Letter

In this MANAGEMENT OCCUPATIONS cover letter, the candidate latches onto a portion of the job posting and explains why he matches this requirement. This strategy is best suited for responding to postings which request vague, character-type requirements (you would not, for instance, write a cover letter like this explaining why you are computer literate). The advantage this type of cover letter holds over more standard letters is that it presents you as a living, breathing human rather than a list of jobs. For many management occupations cover letter, as opposed to technical openings, the candidate’s personality is much more important than the qualifications listed on the resume.

Steve Harmon
555 Handkerchief Road
Canton, OH 99999

July 5th, 2001

Tom Signore, Dir. Of Human Resources
Results, Inc.
774 Bay leaf Drive
Pass hammock, NJ 33333

Mr. Signore:

I am writing this letter to apply for the Management Occupations listing posted on jobbankusa.com on September 15th, 2006.

While reading your company’s Management Occupations posting, the phrase that really stood out for me was your requirement for a “self starter.” As an employee who has progressed from an entry level associate to the holder of one of my company’s more demanding management occupations, I believe that that description fits me perfectly.

I began working for my current employer while still attending university on a part time basis. Because I initially lacked a college diploma, I was not eligible for consideration for management occupations. Instead, I began my career as an hourly associate in the operations department. While performing this job, I took advantage of the many training opportunities that my company offered, and continued to work towards my college degree.

Because of these efforts, I was soon promoted to an entry level management occupation, where I continued to use every educational resource I could find to improve my level of knowledge and performance. In addition to certificates and a master’s diploma, these efforts earned me multiple awards for work performance, including employee of the month and a special, company-wide achievement award last year.

To my way of thinking, work and school are complementary and the lessons from one should be applied to the other. I’ve brought my efficiency and dedication from work to the classroom and have applied the management and technical skills from the classroom to work with me everyday.

Today I am looking for another environment that will provide a challenge, and for management occupations which will allow me to further develop as a person. I have heard consistent reports about your company’s dedication to excellence, and look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about bringing my proven ambition and drive to your organization.

Thank you,

Steve Harmon