Sample Life Scientists Cover Letter

This LIFE SCIENTISTS COVER LETTER provides information to the employer that he will not find in the resume. To often applicants use the Life Scientists cover letter to reiterate what’s already on the resume. This is redundant and renders the cover letter useless. Remember, it’s important to educate the employer about you with every sentence. Repeating the resume in the cover letter wastes their precious time.

James Bacteria
274 Hiney Virus Lane
Jersey City, NJ 07310

August 3rd 2003

Harry Balzak
VP of Human Resources
National Science Center
3453 Amoeba Blvd.
Florham Park, NJ 07778

Mr. Balzak:

I want to thank you in advance for reviewing my resume. I understand what you are looking for in Life Scientists in terms of skills and experience. I have all the requisite skills and experience you desire for this position. I would like to use this letter to expound on some qualities you will not find in my resume.

First of all, I am fully dedicated to my field. I have no aspirations of pursuing another line of work or deviating in any way from the Life Sciences. This has been my passion since the sixth grade. In addition to my skill set and relevant work experience, you will get a person who is interested in the “long haul.”

Second, I have nothing but excellent references from my previous employer. Much of what I have done up to this point in my career has been preparation to work with the National Science Center. I have known for over 13 years that I would eventually make the National Science Center my permanent home. Most Life scientists who are serious about their field probably feel the same way.

Finally, I have always worked well with other people. I never allow emotion to affect my judgment and I never allow the desire to be right to supercede the desire for truth. Life Scientists are agents of truth and I hope to continue that quest for truth with the National Science Center.

Again, thank you for reviewing my resume. My schedule is flexible on Mondays and Fridays. Please call my cell phone or send me an email to set up an interview.


James Bacteria