Sample Laser Technician Cover Letter

Notice how the applicant in this laser technician cover letter focuses on his experience and ability to construct and test prototype gas or solid-state laser devices, using the theory and principles of laser engineering and electronic circuits. All laser technician cover letters should include this information, and reference to the job seekers' experience, if pertinent.

Gene Eastman
303 Overlook Drive
Any Place, USA 33333

January 28, 2007

Mr. Douglas Strong,
Hiring Manager
Crossway Laser Technology, Inc.
909 Ninth Avenue
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Strong:

I am applying for the position of laser technician, which I saw posted on JobBankUSA.com today. I would be proud to join your company working with other laser technicians constructing and testing prototype gas or solid-state laser devices.

I have an excellent employee record, recognition from clients, and am in good standing with previous employers, as you will see from my enclosed resume.

May I come to your office next week to talk over this position and to show you that I believe I'm a good fit? Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 and let me know a date and time that suits you. Thank you for considering my cover letter.


Gene Eastman

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