Sample Land Surveyor Cover Letter

A land surveyor cover letter can help land a job for a well-trained and licensed surveyor. Be sure to state clearly your aptitude for the work and your knowledge of what is expected--including the ability to see objects, distances, sizes, and other forms in your mind as well as on the site using special equipment. You must be in good physical shape, too, in order to work outdoors in various climates and to carry and mount heavy tools. Working on a team is essential as this work is done in partnership with others. All land surveyor cover letters should include this kind of specific information.

Raymond Lundquist
45 Pickford Road
Anyville, USA 56734

March 23, 2006

Mr. Sloan Speers
Hiring Manager
Anyville Land Surveyors, Inc.
54 Russell Street
Anyville, USA 56734

Dear Mr. Speers:

I have been on the lookout for a position as a land surveyor. When I spotted your listing for one on JobBankUSA.com I decided to write a cover letter and apply for the job. I had experience with a team of land surveyors when I worked for the City of Industry in Southern California. I am also a graduate of Tenderfoot College with an emphasis on land surveying.

I would appreciate an in-person meeting to discuss this position and to get acquainted with you and your company. If this interests you, phone me at 695-888-8756 and I'll be available at your convenience.


Donald Patterson

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