Sample Junior College Teacher Cover Letter

This junior college teacher cover letter shows the dean of admissions that the applicant is well qualified to take on a full-time position as a math or science teacher to freshman. Her resume is up-to-date, her teaching credential valid, and her availability immediate. Junior college teacher cover letters with this kind of specific information will help any job seeker land an interview.

Maureen Beasley
897 44th Street
Overland, USA 89890

June 5, 2006

Dr. Harriet Plummer
Dean of Admissions
Park Side Junior College
62 Western Avenue
Any Place, USA 99999

Dear Dr. Plummer:

My experience as a math and science junior college teacher for the past two years has prepared me for the job I saw today listed on the Job Opportunities Board outside the cafeteria at your school. Lucky me! When I saw it, I felt sure it was a divine connection because I have been looking for just such a position for the past six months. Therefore, I am writing this cover letter to apply for this first year science-teaching job. I would consider it an honor to join your faculty.

May I meet you in person to talk more about your expectations of junior college teachers and science teachers in particular? I'm available to meet at your convenience any weekday except Thursday. Please phone me at 897-897-0978 to arrange an interview if you'd like to talk further.


Maureen Beasley

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