Sample Jewel-Bearing Turner Cover Letter

A jewel-bearing turner cover letter can be a sure way to a new job if written with clarity and conviction, showing the hiring manager your experience and ability to operate a lathe to turn the edges of partially processed jewel bearings. The sample below displays this job seeker's ability to focus on the tasks involved and to carry them out. All jewel-bearing turner cover letters should be written with clarity and understanding of what the job involves.

Jesse Kipling
45 Garnet Avenue
Cityville, USA 56734

April 9, 2007

Mr. Don Pinchmidt,
Hiring Manager
Prestige Jewels, Inc.
51 Regency Road
Cityville, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Pinschmidt:

I would like to apply for the job of jewel-bearing turner, which you posted on JobBankUSA.com. I feel equipped to carry out the duties described--operating a lathe to turn the edges of partially processed jewel bearings. I have done this work for six years as you will see from my enclosed resume.

If you wish to meet me in person to discuss this job, please phone me at 695-888-8756 and I'll arrange to come to your office any weekday morning that works for you.

Thank you for considering me for the job and for reading my cover letter. If you select me, I promise to be a model employee and work well with other jewel-bearing turners who are employed at your company. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jesse Kipling

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