Sample Information Systems Manager Cover Letter

In this INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGER COVER LETTER, the candidate tries to stress how aware he is of the changing nature of the job market. This, by itself, is a good strategy as it shows the Hiring Manager that you are someone that thinks about the bigger picture as well as your specific job. But where this Information Systems Manager cover letter really takes it to the next level is by explaining how and why the changing job market makes the candidate more valuable than ever before.

Tek Masterson
8832 Trundle Blvd.
Undulate, TN 44455

October 5th, 2005

I.T. Palongo
Girandolo Inc.
5543 Hamrick Lane
Bakersfield, CA 88833

Mr. Palongo,

In today’s changing technology job market, the job description of the Information Systems Manager is changing with it. As a result, I believe that I am an even better choice for your Computer and Information Systems Managers opening than I would have been even three years ago.

There’s no doubt that the shift from locally provided IT support to that support taking place via the Internet from thousands of miles away has been condemned by many Information Systems Managers because it reduces their ability to obtain Systems Management jobs with the same ease they once took for granted.

As it just so happens, in addition to outstanding computer programming skills, I have extensive experience working with both technical and non-technical management on a daily basis. As an Information Systems manager for a company which adopted the IT outsourcing model early, I learned very quickly that burying my head in the network hardware would not serve my employer’s business goal.

Rather, I learned that I could best serve my company by providing leadership and guidance to the new, talented programmers we had contracted abroad. I look forward to providing similar leadership in my position as Information Systems Manager with your organization as well. To better discuss how I can bring this experience to your company call me at your convenience to begin a conversation.

Thank you,

Tek Masterson