Sample Industrial Production Manager Cover Letter

In this INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION MANAGER COVER LETTER the writer makes a couple of well planned, intelligent decisions before he even starts writing the letter. First, he leads his Industrial Production cover letter with a name that he believes that the Hiring Manager might know. Second, he flatters the Hiring Manager by writing about what respect he has for the company. Lastly, he relates his own experience to the job that he is applying for.

Jay Conveyor
274 Factory Lane
Jersey City, NJ 07310

August 13rd 2003

Jospin T. Faster
VP of Human Resources
3453 Materials Blvd.
Iron Ore, NJ 07778


A former colleague of mine, Jay Horner, recently mentioned to me that your company is in the market for an experienced Industrial Production Manager. When I heard this, I immediately went home and began writing this letter. Being in the same industry as yourself, I have kept up with your companyís advancements in Industrial Production techniques for years in the trade press and would love to be a part of your well-respected team.

Allow me to tell you a little about my Industrial Production Managers experience. I have been working as an Industrial Production Manager for the last eight years, after working myself up from the shop floor during my college summer vacations. During my twenty years in the business, I have worked in all segments of this industry, but have more recently specialized in the area of work processes improvement. My current Industrial Production Manager duties revolve around identifying and implementing ways to increase factory production, and to lower costs.

Recently, as an Industrial Production Manager, I headed a team to make major changes to our metalworking processes, to make our products price-competitive with Chinese imports. This project was mission critical for the company: if we could not find a way to increase production and lower costs, the factory would have been shuttered and manufacturing moved abroad. Fortunately, a thorough computerized analysis of our production methodology resulted in several small efficiency increasing steps that allowed us to slash prices by 25% and decrease production time by nearly 15%.

After eight years with my current employer, I am ready for a change and look forward to sharing this and other examples of how Iíve created value for my employer as an Industrial Production Manager. Please let me know when you would be available to talk and I will see you then. Thank you for your time.


Jay Conveyor